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For this person is conditioned from the very childhood, introducing into it a program of world perception. Read here. For practically his entire life and social paradigm, he becomes his own paradigm. In order to find out more useful information click here. A person begins to identify himself with the society in which he lives, becomes with him a single whole in his own view. Read more here. You can always review everything, all your available settings, all your postulates, disassemble your whole foundation, if of course you will have a very strong desire for this. Read more. But why should you do this, why look at something new, if the old is so familiar and you seem to have already adapted to it? Come here. and find out more. I've often heard such a question before, when I talked with people, let's say so not a very high flight. Read more. With people who had dreams about stability, justice, equality, freedom, love, friendship and suchlike things. Find out more information. Do you know what happens when all these dreams fall? There are very bad things happen, even if something one of the world of dreams, ceases to reflect the reality, this is already a tragedy. Read more. When the signal from the outside does not correspond to the internal settings of a person, his inner state becomes a poison for him. If it became interesting go to this site. Here we have depression and various mental illnesses, including suicides. A person wants to leave not this world, but a world that is inside himself, it is he who creates discomfort and pain. In order to find out more useful information click here. In the beginning I talked about postulates, about faith, which is everywhere and in everything. Read more. Where do not you dig, you'll get to the faith, and not to the facts, and whether we want it or not, but we have to believe in some things, because we can not know. Read more here. Well, if the social paradigm were built solely on faith, not the way religion does it, deliberately suppressing facts. Find out more information. If we just taught people what we know, nothing inventing, then it would be half the trouble. Read more. I would even say that it really would be true, which very many people are looking for. The truth is that we can only know one thing, that we do not know anything, in the deepest sense of the word, as Socrates had in mind. If it became interesting go to this site. But the social paradigm is not based on facts known to us, it is built on the selfish intentions of each of us. Read more here. We all contribute to what should be. This is especially evident in situations where the selfishness of some people contradicts the selfishness of others.


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